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On the 8th and 9th of February 2016 I (Hannah Nicklin) interviewed a small number of (self selecting) members of Sweets Way Resists, as part of a small R&D project with George Buckenham, supported by a Utopia commission by LIFT and by Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts.

In May, we spent a week thinking through how we could use game tools to tell their stories. But as well as this I felt it was important to present their stories verbatim. To create a record of what they said that anyone could access (with the necessary technology, obviously), their words were too important to be held only within the confines of a short experimental game vignette

So you can now get a PDF of this zine, edited by me, collecting the transcripts from the interviews, giving a timeline of the occupation, and beautifully illustrated by Lizzy Stewart.

About Sweets Way Resists:

In February 2015 a group of residents, facing eviction to make way for the 'regeneration' of their estate, got together with activists from other housing campaigns, and local supporters, to resist their eviction, and the demolition of their 142 homes. On the 28th of February 2015 a meeting of over 40 people was held, and they collectively decided to occupy part of the estate.

What followed was 7 months of activism at Sweets Way. A large number of people were part of what came to be called Sweets Way Resists. Some tangentially or momentarily, some residents, some activists and legal experts, some from other housing campaigns across London, local supporters, and eventually a band of squatters who formed the connected 'Sweetstopia', also made up of a mix of people and aims.


Once I have an order in Bigcartel I'll send out the pdf as soon as I have a moment, if I'm away/on holiday/busy this could take more than a week. But if you've been waiting ages, please do bug me about it!

There are limited physical copies of the zine, which I will post if you can let me have the postage costs, just get in touch at contact[at]

by Hannah Nicklin


  • This is a Radical Cake - Sweets Way Resists zine - PDF copy