Selfie zine

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24 poems published for the first time in a little zine. Taken from my xpoemxday tumblr, plus a few others. Although that blog was about writing every day no matter the quality. With this I've only chosen the good ones.

Poems about family, love, robots, Instagram, Tinder, selfies, games and cycling. There are actually loads about cycling. Cover image is a pic I drew in a life drawing class. True fact.

Here are 3 examples of poems that made the cut:

11th January
15th January
23rd April

Posted in the UK £3 + £1.50 p+p, buy it alongside the Games We Have Known and Loved zine for £7.50

(EU, postage = £3; US postage, £4.50)
(If I've not entered the postage properly I'll refund the difference!)

50 printed in the first edition, numbered. I can't afford to turn on the inventory checking so I'll update this page if they're getting low in numbers.

Dispatched whenever I have a spare moment!

by Hannah Nicklin