N+1 ~~ a bike/game zine

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N+1 is a bike/game zine by Hannah Nicklin, with pictures from bikes in games by Pat Ashe.

N+1 is a zine about bikes in games that I saw in video games I watched my housemate play. I thought it was a Very Funny Joke to comment in detail n the bikes, and my housemate Pat figured sending me some screenshots to make a zine out of them would keep me quiet for a bit.

Full colour, 20 pages (including cover) high quality A5 zine. Limited to 80 copies, individually numbered.

Featuring commentary on bikes from:

* Everybody's Gone to the Rapture,
* GTA San Andreas,
* Everything,
* Life is Strange,
* Digital Bird Playground,

And much much more!
(Actually only 2 things more.)

Also, for the cyclists, mention of:

1. The Velominati
2. Alberto Contador
3. The Cycling Podcast
4. A great picture of my Canyon Ultimate CF SLX with its winter wheels on.

This is a zine which is simultaneously way too serious and not at all serious enough at the same time. Enjoy.

by Hannah Nicklin