Games We Have Known And Loved - PDF copy

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A PDF copy of the physical zine Games We Have Known And Loved which you can buy limited copies of IRL here.

A zine from Hannah Nicklin, illustrated by Elizabeth MacLeod, containing the full text of the spoken word delivered at the GameCity closing party based on the stories of 'games known and loved' collected from the people of GameCity9.

Games We Have Known and Loved is the text of a poem based on the iteration of a performance game that trades in stories around the oral history of games culture. It is a listening to people, an understanding that we all have stories to tell, an invitation to tell your own.

Contains a section at the end on how to tell your stories. Yes those pages are meant to be blank.

Thanks for the format go to Third Angel and George Buckenham. Thanks for commissioning the performance game and performance go to Lee Nicholls of GameCity.

Dispatched whenever I have a spare moment!

by Hannah Nicklin


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