A Psychogeography of Games zine - physical copy

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A perfect bound A5-sized copy of my A Psychogeography of Games zine (it's basically a paperback book, more than a booklet, because it had 60 pages).

The Psychogeography of Games contains 6 creative critical responses to game design, based on a series of talks and articles prompted by my residency at Videobrains June-November 2015. Prompted by the question 'how do the places and spaces important to game designers affect their game design' I went for 6 walks in places important to Jake Elliot, Kerry Turner, Llaura Dreamfeel, Holly Gramazio, Ed Key and George Buckenham, and wrote about the experience. The book features the texts for either performance or published originally on RPS, accompanied by extra thoughts, ideas, quotes and drawings. Plus an introduction.

Postage is £2.50 UK for the physical book, variable for around the world, or you can get the pdf ebook for only £2.

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by Hannah Nicklin